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Global Escapes believes that everyone’s time is valuable, but that everyone’s vacation time is priceless. That’s why planning and experience are so important. There’s a lot to think about: where to go, how to get there, what to bring and what to do – not to mention how to pay for it. Our travel advisors believe that anyone can experience the incredible wonders of nature, culture and recreation that the world has to offer…all it takes is a great escape plan.

We love to travel. We have to admit that when we book a trip, there’s a part of each of us that wishes we were going along. But in a way, we are. We share our clients’ excitement throughout the planning process and can’t wait to hear the stories of fun, adventure, and inspiration when they return. Their enthusiastic feedback reawakens our own memories, gives us new ideas, and helps us make everyone’s next trip even better.

There is just no substitute for a personal connection when it comes to creating the right travel experience, time after time. Technology will never replace the value of trust, or the ability of a thoughtful, travel advisor to understand what defines another person’s dream trip through ongoing face-to-face conversation. Information is great, but insight is better. That is where we shine.

The commoditization of travel has conditioned most of us to accept less service and more stress. For more than 30 years, Global Escapes has shown people that it doesn’t have to be that way. As a personal travel advisor, advocate, and friend upon whom our clients know they can rely, Global Escapes helps people create some of the best memories of their lives, with the added comfort of knowing that wherever they are in the world, a helping hand always is just a call away. That’s just how it is when you travel with friends.

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