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Steve has always been passionate about travel.  During his long career as a chiropractor, he traveled extensively to experience cultures, view natural wonders, and delve into history. After years of nurturing this wanderlust, he took a leap of faith and departed on a year-long journey of self-discovery to explore far-flung destinations and immerse himself in exotic cultures.

During this adventure, he found his new calling to inspire others to recognize the inherent value of travel. Steve realized that by changing his own path, he could have an impact on the world around him by helping others do the same.  Whether your happy place is a quiet beach in the Caribbean, cruising down a lazy river through the south of France, or a sunrise hike in Sri Lanka, you can trust Steve to channel his dauntless enthusiasm and worldly knowledge into making your travel goals a reality.

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(404) 662-3311

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Specialties: Active Travel, Adventure Travel, Asia, South America, Europe

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