Certified Travel Advisor

They say you can never step in the same river twice. What you can do, according to Natalie, is stand in as many rivers as possible (while holding tree pose). As our resident River Cruise specialist and yoga enthusiast, Natalie is our worldly ball of energy. She would pack her bags with equal enthusiasm for both an all-inclusive beach villa stay or a Costa Rican eco-adventure.

Interested in a family vacation, but aren’t sure how to begin planning it? Natalie can guide you from sand box to white sand (she has twin boys, so she’s also your go-to for a spirited discussion on the width of dinosaur teeth). And if the barrage of honeymoon options on the internet has left you a confused and unfocused groom, Natalie will help you pick the destination that perfectly matches your personalities and interests (you might even find yourself begging her to weigh in on catering and color scheme). She is an accredited specialist in Alaska, Panama, Aruba, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and luxury cruising—just to name a few—and counts among her most memorable travel experiences a week-long stay in a monastery in Taize, France (ask her about the white meatloaf).

As our head of training, Natalie also is charged with schooling our team of advisors on our unique consultation process and ensuring that they are constantly up-to-date on the latest industry techniques and technology.


Specialties: Honeymoons, Active Travel, River Cruises, South Pacific, Alaska, Caribbean, Mexico, Central & South America, Southeast Asia, Ski Vacations

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