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Wandering 2 Greece: An Adventure Abroad

16 May 19

Author: Betsy Harter

Most people dream of traveling the world…but they can’t because of time, money, or simply the overwhelming nature of travel planning. What if you were able to experience a fresh, unique type of travel – one that gives you the free time to explore a foreign city independently, while still offering the ease & safety of a private group? […]

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Company Founder, Ella Grondahl, Bids Farewell

25 November 15

Author: Christine

This Thanksgiving is a special one in our office, and for a significant reason – we’ve had the privilege of celebrating the fulfilling career and recent retirement of our founder, inspiration and second mother, the one and only Ella Grondahl. Ella founded Global Escapes in 1988, and she has built a thriving business through sheer […]

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Celebrating our 25th Anniversary!

10 June 13

Author: Tiffany

June 10th, 2013 In April of 1988, Los Angeles Times Magazine published an insightful look at the year 2013, aptly predicting a network of fiber optics, a reliance on electronic navigation, and a deep appreciation for such modern conveniences as the automatic coffee maker.  In a brief passage on teleconferencing, the author barely touched on the drastic changes […]

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