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Kenya Will Capture Your Heart

25 April 19

It was finally happening. After years of reading books and articles, watching countless documentaries, and even planning unique safari itineraries for my clients, I was here at last. As I emerged from the Nairobi airport, my senses were immediately assaulted by all things Kenyan. The buzz of traffic and sounds of Swahili filled my ears, […]

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Beauty in Chaos: Musings from Vietnam and Cambodia

13 November 17

I stood in front of my hotel room’s panoramic window, gazing out through the haze at the vast expanse of Saigon and rubbing my eyes, still weary from 24 hours of travel. It didn’t feel real to be standing here. I was in Vietnam, a place I had only read about in history books or […]

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Explore the Caribbean With a Sailing Adventure

30 March 17

Dozens of cruise lines offer voyages to and around the Caribbean, each trying to one-up the others through unusual entertainment offerings–from hand-carved carousels to bumper cars onboard. However, one cruise line truly is different from the rest, but not because of its over-the-top amenities. Meet Star Clippers, a fleet that combines authentic sailing traditions with modern […]

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Tahiti: Beyond the Beautiful Beaches

30 January 17

As a travel consultant, I encourage my clients daily to not judge a book by its cover–or in my world, not to judge a destination until they have experienced it for themselves. I must admit, I did not practice what I preach on my recent visit to Tahiti and her islands. I expected the obvious—a […]

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Sacred Machu Picchu Exceeds Expectations

16 December 15

As my flight touched down after midnight in Lima, my heart pounded in anticipation that belied the lateness of the hour. I was finally here. After many years of waiting, hours of planning, and countless books read, I was finally on the ground in Peru and mere hours away from the destination of my dreams—Machu […]

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Puerto Vallarta – Mexican Culture as We Know It

25 May 14

On very short notice this spring, I found myself whisked away with friends to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Though this country is near to my heart, I’ve never been to this Pacific coast city, nestled in the Bay of Banderas. As the plane touched down and we made our way into town, I got my first […]

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