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Family Travel in Europe

19 September 17

Author: Beth Barnett

So, you long for adventure in the “Old World?” Maybe the type you had in your younger years, or maybe the type you read about and see in movies…Parisian cafes, wine “under the Tuscan sun,” sailing into Barcelona. Alas, you don’t believe these dreams will ever become reality because of the adventure suckers in your […]

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Club Med

31 July 14

Author: Beth Barnett

Ever wish you could go back to summer camp? As each school year draws to a close and the hazy days of summer cast their spell, I’m always drawn into reminiscence of my days as a camp counselor. Some of the best summers of my life where spent at camp, and many of my most […]

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Adiós Niños-Los Cabos

20 May 13

Author: Beth Barnett

Not too long ago I found myself in the not too awful predicament of having a few “adult” days with my husband while the kids went to visit their grandparents.  We didn’t know where we wanted to go but we knew it needed to be near a warm beach, have some adventure and somewhere nice […]

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