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Work hard, play hard. It’s not only our clients’ mantra, but it’s ours, as well. Our expert team of travel consultants often log way more than a typical 40-hour work week, simply because we pride ourselves on being ready to help a client in need at any hour of the day. If it sounds like hard work, well…it is. But the benefits are immeasurable–traveling the world, experiencing different cultures, meeting new people.

Required Experience:

At Global Escapes, we seek innate personality traits rather than specific skills or academic degrees. Nearly anyone can learn how to use our computer systems, booking engines, processes, and procedures. What can’t be taught are core values.

We look for team members who are:

  • Passionate about serving
  • Obsessed with details
  • Research nerds
  • Empathetic listeners
  • Insatiably curious about the world

Sound like you? Then please, apply! You might just be the next great addition to our family.

Open Positions:

  • Full-time receptionist
  • Full-time Corporate Travel Assistant
  • Full-Time Leisure Travel Assistant
  • Interns

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