Considering a career in travel?

It’s exciting, rewarding, and never boring. We constantly hear, “Your job seems so exciting. I bet you get to travel all of the time!” So, what is all the fuss about, and how does one become an advisor?

We have created this page so that you can learn more about the reality and the myths of a career in travel, specifically with Global Escapes.

Established 30 years ago in Athens, Georgia, Global Escapes’ services include leisure travel, meeting planning, incentive travel, and group tours. Our subsidiary, Corporate Connections, handles business travel.

We have evolved into a premier travel consulting firm, with a team of advisors who are passionate about exploring the world and helping their clients accomplish their “bucket lists.” As a member of the Signature Travel Network and a Connoisseur Travel affiliate, we offer access to some of the most elite travel partners around the globe, ensuring every experience exceeds expectations. We are a member of Travel Agency Management Systems, a globally recognized benchmarking group for the travel agency industry, and we have won Travel Weekly’s Magellan award three times in various categories.

A few travel schools exist, and most colleges and universities offer a travel/tourism and hospitality track, but there will be no comparison to the hands-on approach to training that you will receive at Global Escapes. As our company continues to expand, we are seeking others who have an insatiable appetite for exploring the world and sharing that information with others. Our approach to travel consulting requires very engaging, skilled advisors who not only meet their clients’ expectations, but also exceed them whenever possible.

Global Escapes provides a long-term career opportunity with the ability to grow as a person, a teammate, and a traveler. Positions we will be looking to fill over the coming years are vacation advisors, corporate advisors, travel assistants, marketing assistants, and interns who seek to gain skills in sales, marketing, and entrepreneurship. If you have previous experience, please be prepared to learn a whole new way of connecting with people. If you don’t have previous experience, it’s ok – a fresh perspective is always welcome.

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