Travel Insurance is a Necessity, not an Option

8 May 16

Author: Betsy Reeves


After months of planning, weeks of preparing, and days of packing, you are ready for the vacation of a lifetime. On the morning of departure, you arrive at the airport two hours early with plenty of time to navigate ticketing and security. You and your loved ones board the plane, stow your carry-ons, and settle in for the flight. You can’t help but think about how smoothly everything has gone so far.

After what feels like an eternity, the captain’s voice booms through the plane. “Ladies and gentlemen, I am sorry to inform you that this plane is experiencing a mechanical problem. We will need everyone to deplane while our mechanics analyze the issue and ensure that this plane is safe for travel,” he says.

Back on board two hours later, you realize that you have missed your connection and won’t be able to reach your final destination until the next day. You begin adding up the non-refundable activities that you, your spouse and your children will miss at the resort tomorrow…not to mention one very pricey night’s stay at the resort. Then you remember: you purchased travel insurance, so each of these expenses will be reimbursed to you.

Many travelers regard insurance as an option, rather than what it really is—a necessity. Here are ten reasons why you should always travel with an insurance plan.

1. Cancellation 


You must cancel your trip due to circumstances beyond your control, such as illness, a death in the family, the loss of a job, or bad weather. If your airline, cruise line, resort or tour operator goes out of business and you must cancel your trip, you are covered, as well.

2. Emergency 


An emergency, such as a death in the family or an illness, requires you to return home early.

3. Lost luggage 


You are forced to purchase essentials because your luggage or other personal belongings are lost, stolen, or delayed.

4. Damaged equipment 


Your expensive specialized equipment—cameras, skis, camping gear, bicycles, golf clubs, band instrument—is damaged or stolen while traveling.

5. Illness


You are traveling overseas and experience illness, only to discover that your healthcare plan doesn’t cover you outside of the United States.

6. Evacuation 


An emergency, such as a sudden illness or accident, requires a medical evacuation.

7. Delay


A delay causes you to miss your cruise or part of your trip.

8. Weather evacuation


A hurricane or other inclement weather causes your resort to be evacuated.

9. Lost passport


You lose your passport and are stranded abroad until you can complete the necessary steps to replace it.

10. Damaged rental


You damage your rental car, which requires a large amount of repair.

The good news is that even if you have planned your own trip, you can still purchase travel insurance separately through a reputable agency such as Global Escapes. Many plans cover children at no additional cost and include travel assistance and concierge services. Whether you need to track a lost bag or help with a medical evaluation, it is comforting to know that help is just a phone call away if you have purchased travel insurance.

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