Travel Offers Real-World Education

13 September 16

Author: Betsy Reeves


The kids are settled back into school, and the leisurely family time that you enjoyed all summer has come to an end. Sports practices, play rehearsals, and projects have taken over your calendar. Why not help everyone get through the stressful days ahead by giving them something fun to anticipate?

Now is the perfect time to plan ahead for family travel experiences during the holidays, Spring break, and even next summer.

Traveling offers a real-world education that your kids simply can’t get in the classroom. Here are some life lessons that they can learn with you by their side, all experiencing life outside of their bubble.

1. New activities


Have you ever been on a Segway tour, or tried stand-up paddle boarding? Doing something new together as a family will create lifelong memories…and a lot of laughs…while letting your kids learn new skills.

2. New cultures

A photo by Lan Pham.

At school, kids study world history and other countries; however, there is no substitute for visiting a destination in person to truly learn about another culture. You don’t have to travel outside of our country, either…simply visiting another city can open your children’s eyes to the fact that people everywhere live differently than they do.

3. Problem-solving skills


In the real world, Mom and Dad won’t be around to fix every little thing that goes wrong. There is nothing like traveling to teach people how to solve problems creatively. A cancelled flight, a change in a train schedule, a recommended restaurant that no longer exists…each hiccup along a journey teaches kids how to navigate life’s detours in the future.

4. Adaptability

A photo by Wolfgang Lutz.

Life isn’t always fair, and things don’t always go our way, no matter how well we plan ahead. Sometimes the best experiences of our lives happen because we had to change our plans. Learning how to adapt when things don’t go their way will prepare your kids for the long haul.

5. New Interests


Your children will never know if they are interested in Chinese culture, African art, or European ruins unless they experience some of these things first-hand. You may be surprised by what piques their interests while traveling.

6. Potential career paths


Maybe your son is a budding farm-to-table chef. Perhaps your daughter is a future ecotourism leader. Exposing your kids to the world opens their minds up to future careers that they may not have imagined.

7. Expanded palate


Sometimes kids become more adventurous when they are already out of their comfort zone, and this includes trying new foods. Soon you may be trying to recreate their favorite banh mi or rouladen.

8. New languages


Studies show that children who are exposed to other languages are better communicators. Visiting a country where another language is spoken will allow them to hear correct pronunciation while also learning local dialects.

9. New geography


No matter how great a photographer is, pictures just can’t fully capture a landscape. Seeing mountains, swamps, or canyons with their own eyes will keep your kids in awe.

10. Create lifelong memories


Your kids will grow up one day and move out of your home. Make sure you have built some memorable moments that they will always cherish by traveling together as a family.

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