Travel Insurance 101

9 May 16

Author: Alexa Crow


When you think of travel essentials, the usual things come to mind: a camera, a raincoat, maybe an electrical adapter. But many people forget the number-one essential item: travel insurance.

You may be pleasantly surprised when you find out that travel insurance isn’t the one-trick pony you thought it was.

Short Trips are Covered

First off, did you know that travel insurance kicks in just 100 miles from home? Think about that! Somewhere like Destin, FL, is already 305 miles away from Athens, GA, so you can use travel insurance even closer to home than you may think.

More than Medical

Everyone hopes they can get away for a couple of days without getting hurt, but travel insurance covers more than just medical expenses. It covers your rental, any charges to re-book your trip, cancellation penalties, evacuations, damages, and even losing important documents–all things that are possible on any of your trips.

Affordable Coverage

Insurance is less expensive than most people envision. It’s affordable and generally runs $85-$130/person. Let’s put this cost into perspective: for a 21-year-old going on a chartered boat trip in the British Virgin Islands for a trip cost of $3,000, the travel insurance would add $104. Medical costs can get very expensive as soon as you leave your healthcare network, so insurance is a necessity.

Expert Advice

Something important to know is that there are different levels and types of travel insurance, depending on your trip, age, family and situation. Insurance is all a risk assessment, and Global Escapes can always direct you to the best insurance that won’t come with any loopholes.

Global Escapes like to compare travel insurance to car insurance–you just do it to protect yourself, no matter what. There are so many unforeseen things that you mustn’t overlook. Global Escapes CEO Tiffany Hines advises, “Any time you leave country, you had better get travel insurance. Just when you think nothing will happen to you, it will.” You never want to experience just one accident that could end up bankrupting you.

Don’t Leave Home Without It

Just remember, insurance is not Applecare, friends. It is certainly not something that we tack on at the end of every consultation. We are upfront about the importance of travel insurance during every initial conversation. Even if it takes you some time to decide, you can buy travel insurance up to 24 hours before your departure; however, we advise against this practice, as pre-existing conditions may not be covered if you don’t purchase your policy within the first few days of booking your trip.

The best part? We at Global Escapes can do everything for you. No matter what happens, purchasing travel insurance through Global Escapes will give you “peace of mind” and save you some headaches in the event that your trip takes a wrong turn. Remember: our travel consultants have got your back!

Read more about travel insurance coverage here.

Questions? Contact us to learn more about travel insurance.

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