Travel Assistant

Kourtney is the smiling face in our front office and the soothing voice you hear over the phone. Whether baking her famous banana bread for our team meetings, hugging a coworker during a stressful day, or making a cup of coffee for a client, her God-given talent for taking care of others is unmatched.

Like many of us, Disney World stands out as Kourtney’s very first travel memory, when the star-struck 4-year-old girl met her idol, Minnie Mouse, and then rode Space Mountain with her cousin about 100 times. She was thrilled to recently surprise her daughter Jamie with an intricately planned Christmas vacation to the park, and her husband Mack made it extra special when he re-proposed to her at Cinderella’s castle.

Kourtney’s bucket list includes shopping her way through Paris, cage diving in Australia, and an African safari, but for now she is content on road trips around the United States. Kourtney, who always takes the scenic route, has been known to turn a 16-hour road trip into a 24-hour adventure by adding in spontaneous stops to see the World’s Largest Abraham Lincoln and the World’s Largest Wagon.


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