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Maui is the Perfect Place to Begin Married Life

28 December 17

Author: Christine

Maui, or the “M” word, as the other islands call it in good-natured competition, has long been known for romance, due in part to its lovely beaches, but mostly to its relaxed pace and restful spirit. It also ranks as the favorite island of visitors from the mainland, much to the dismay of its sister […]

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T-W-O-gether in Hawaii

2 May 16

Traveling as the ultimate duo, newlyweds, in Hawaii can be thrilling but challenging. Last week we shared on the blog some of our favorite places to experience as a couple in Maui, Hawaii. We believe the power of two runs deep in experiences but also runs deep in preparation for how you will spend your honeymoon. Here are some […]

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Two is the Magic Number When Honeymooning in Maui

1 May 16

To be wooed, to be challenged, and to be longed for are some of the great effects of romance. We at Global Escapes see a strong correlation between romance and travel, as one can be just as easily wooed and challenged by travel as by romance. One of the strongest likenesses that romance and travel share is the power of […]

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Say Aloha to a Hawaiian Honeymoon

13 April 16

Author: Betsy Reeves

Some couples plan their honeymoon with the goal of unplugging completely. They look forward to being pampered with room service and spa treatments, and they want their toughest decision to be: sun or shade? Other couples envision tons of action…hiking through forests, snorkeling, and splashing in waterfalls. Then, there are those who crave a vibrant […]

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Hawaii Allows You to Restart, Refresh and Refocus

31 March 16

A Q&A with Tiffany Hines, CEO of Global Escapes Walk a mile in another’s shoes? Done! Especially if that other person is traveling to Hawaii. I recently chatted with Tiffany Hines, CEO at Global Escapes, about her travels to Hawaii last Spring. Her trip initially was for business but quickly turned into a celebration, as […]

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