T-W-O-gether in Hawaii

2 May 16


Traveling as the ultimate duo, newlyweds, in Hawaii can be thrilling but challenging. Last week we shared on the blog some of our favorite places to experience as a couple in Maui, Hawaii. We believe the power of two runs deep in experiences but also runs deep in preparation for how you will spend your honeymoon. Here are some tips and tricks for making the most of your honeymoon T-W-O-gether.

Pack just two bags:


It sounds impossible, but try packing just two bags for your Maui honeymoon–one piece of luggage per person. One of Maui’s charming characteristics is its casualty. You do not have to be dressed to impress every minute of your vacation. However, if you do wish to bring one or two nicer outfits for fancier evenings, do so! Just note that because it is a casual island, your luggage does not have to suffocate with fine clothes and accessories. Your spouse knows how stunning you are all dolled up–you just got married! Let your love enjoy your natural, informal self. Try to slim down on the materials so that you may become full on the experience.

Plan to spend two weeks:


In 2008, the average honeymoon was said to be eight days long. However, with Hawaii being a country distance away, two weeks is the optimal amount of time to immerse yourself in the culture while allowing you to marvel at the must-sees, to find the hidden gems of the island, and to find the hidden gems of each another.

Take just two pictures a day:


Oftentimes our culture gets swept away with “doing it for Instagram.” Society tells us that confirmation of our lives being amazing comes from the number of “likes” on a picture, when in reality, that is the silly part. So, to battle against this cultural rule, try limiting the number of photos you take on your Hawaii honeymoon to just two per day. This isn’t to advise not taking ANY pictures, but just take them in moderation so that you do not forget to experience the surroundings in person while you can.

Limit phone use to two times per day:


Anyone can try this in his/her travels, whether it’s a honeymoon in Hawaii, or a trip with friends to the mountains. Limiting the time you spend on your phone will free your time to be present–present in your conversations, present in your experiences, present with your new spouse.

Enjoy your two new prefixes, “Mr.” and “Mrs.”:

You are newlyweds! Remember the power of this magical number–two. Let the ferocity of your excitement and glee spill out into everything you do. Always remember the “why” behind your “I dos,” as well as the heart you fall asleep beside at night.

The “power of two” can be a strong force in both romance and travel, and when you combine these, great things happen! However, be sure to remember these small tips and tricks that can make a big difference on your honeymoon. We at Global Escapes want to be the big difference that takes your honeymoon from a great trip to an unforgettable experience. Give us a call or set up a consultation online. Remember, two can be the magic number when planning a trip!

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