Outdoor Lovers Enjoy Myriad Travel Options

21 May 18

Author: Betsy Reeves

Photo Courtesy of Backroads

What does relaxation mean to you? Do you unwind best at a quiet spa, or do you require an adrenaline rush to release that pent-up stress?

If you are someone who bonds tightly with others when experiencing an exhilarating activity together, you are not alone. Active vacations are becoming increasingly popular for everyone from honeymoon couples to multigenerational families. Cycling, biking, zip-lining, skiing, snowmobiling…the possibilities are endless.

Are you an outdoor enthusiast but tired of doing the same thing in the same place? For instance, if you have already enjoyed plenty of ski and snow adventures in Colorado, Utah, or California, why not take that love of ski and snow abroad? Some of the world’s most bucket-list-worthy ski resorts are rooted in Europe, Asia, and South America. Consider South America’s Patagonia region, including Bariloche and Las Lenas in Argentina, or Corralco, Portillo, Termas de Chillan, or Valle Nevado in Chile….particularly if you wish to ski during our summer break when it’s winter way down south. In Europe, classic ski areas in Switzerland, Germany, France, and Austria combine breathtaking mountain views with cozy historic lodges.

Photo courtesy of Llao Llao Resort

Multi-adventure trips allow you to try a variety of exciting activities as you explore a region. For instance, you could mix snowshoeing and snowmobiling across the Canadian Rockies; dogsledding and hiking around Alaska; rafting and biking through Yellowstone National Park; kayaking and jetboating among alpine lakes; or snorkeling and helicoptering alongside Hawaiian islands.

Travel companies today also do an amazing job of pairing nonactive and active hobbies together. For instance, do you love new foods but feel the need to work off every big meal? How about cycling through the Loire valley, but instead of stopping for water breaks, you can savor Michelin-starred meals prepared by celebrated chefs that highlight the region’s bounty?

Or maybe you love the great outdoors but are not quite as active as you used to be. An expedition cruise may be right for you. Engage all five senses as you discover the world’s most interesting places on a nimble expedition ship that can safely venture where larger ships cannot reach. To personally encounter wildlife such as whales or polar bears in exceptional places such as Antarctica or the Galapagos Islands can feel just as invigorating for some as cliff-diving into choppy waters does for others.

Photo courtesy of Lindblad Expeditions

Finally, if you want to be active all day but don’t feel like roughing it when it comes to accommodations, there are companies that specialize in luxury adventures. For example, after spending your day in the center of Antarctica’s emperor penguin colony, return to base camp, where you will enjoy five-star service, innovative cuisine, and fine wine before retiring to your luxury space-age pod.

Photo courtesy of Esencia Patagonia

Outdoor adventures can be as active as you like. Whether you want to paddle through Vietnam or mountain bike around Hawaii’s volcanoes, a knowledgeable travel consultant can help you plan the perfect getaway.

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