Northern Patagonia: Come for the Scenery, Stay for the People

22 October 17

Author: Betsy Reeves

Northern Patagonia. It’s as if someone extracted the best elements of my favorite places in the world and wrapped them all up into one fairytale destination.

Photo by Betsy Harter

The tranquil blue waters bring back memories of the Caribbean; the mountains’ dazzling contrasts mimic Switzerland; the locals’ appreciation of food, wine, and culture parallel Italy; and the respect for nature combined with the variety of outdoor activities compares to the Western U.S.

Photo courtesy of Daniela Termite

Northern Patagonia’s beauty spans every season. As a result, it is possible to visit at any time of year and enjoy a beautiful, yet very different, experience.

Spring (September through November) is perfect for wildlife lovers, as the vibrant blooms of local flora and fauna create magical backdrops. In the summer (December through February), you can hike through lush forests, camp along azure Moreno Lake and Nahuel Huapi Lake, fish for trout, cycle among picturesque towns, or sail to pristine islands. Fall’s bright hues (March-May) attract campers, hikers, and photographers. In the winter (June through August), the mountains offer everyone from beginning skiers to expert snowboarders an adrenaline rush.

Photo courtesy of Llao Llao Hotel

While the scenery and the activities change from one season to the next, the region’s warm, hospitable foundation remains constant. The locals’ pride in their home is contagious, and their urgent desire to share their culture with everyone who visits will bond you to them for life.

Photo courtesy of Theresa Murry. It is the mission of Nahuel Alonso and our other travel partners to connect clients with Patagonia’s culture.

We welcome the opportunity to connect you to our travel partners in Argentina, who will introduce you to authentic Argentinian culture, delight you with unexpected experiences, and leave you with warm memories that will forever be woven into your heart.

Photo courtesy of Daniela Termite

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