Luggage Free Eliminates Hassle When Traveling

8 February 17

Author: Betsy Reeves

Travel is exciting, but it comes with its share of hassles. Some, such as flight delays, you can’t control. Others, such as dragging heavy baggage with you, are irritations that you can eliminate.

Through the years, I have tried a variety of ways to ease the baggage burden when my family travels. We have paid to check excess baggage and oversized pieces. We have shipped boxes full of clothes ahead to our destination. Even so, we dealt with some level of hassle, whether paying more money, having to constantly track packages, or finding a UPS location on the last day of our vacation so we could reship the box back home.

Luggage Free to the rescue! Over the holidays, our extended family took a ski vacation to Colorado. Even though we didn’t pack ski equipment, we still had an unusually large amount of baggage to accommodate eight people’s ski clothes, heavy sweaters, extra boots, and other winter necessities. To cut down on our checked bags, four of us put our ski clothes into one extra-large suitcase, and we set up a shipment through Luggage Free. This specialty service that enables travelers to ship luggage ahead to any destination worldwide.

The process was simple. I filled out a form online that asked for my contact information, the pickup and delivery addresses, the pickup and delivery dates, and the size, color and shape of the luggage. Then, Luggage Free sent me a shipping tag. I affixed the tag to the bag then left it on my front doorstep, where it was retrieved by Luggage Free. When we arrived a few days later in Vail, the bag was waiting for us with the concierge. It was in perfect condition. Even the ski gloves that I had tucked into the side pocket were exactly as I had packed them.

The evening before we left Vail, the front desk notified me that I had a package. It was an envelope from Luggage Free containing my return bag tag. All I had to do was attach it to the suitcase and take it down to the concierge. Two days later, the suitcase was waiting on my front steps at home.

I had heard about Luggage Free but was reluctant to try it because it seemed too expensive. However, when I added up the money I would have had to spend to accommodate my extra-large bag, it was a wash. Not only would I have had to pay a checked baggage fee plus an oversized baggage charge if I had checked it with the airline, I would have had to upgrade to a much larger rental vehicle at my destination in order to fit the bag into the car with our others. Upgrading to an SUV would have cost me $400 more for the week!

Luggage Free’s personal touch was refreshing. I didn’t get an operator when I called…I spoke to a real Luggage Free team member, who tracked my shipment daily and could act on any issues that might arise to ensure an on-time delivery. It was nice to know that Luggage Free offers a $500 on-time guarantee and $1,000 insurance complimentary on every shipment. I later found out that if you’re traveling internationally, the company takes care of all customs documentation necessary to ensure delivery so you don’t need to fill out any paperwork.

Finally, it was absolute heaven not to have to wait at baggage claim for my enormous suitcase, then navigate through the crowded airport with it, and finally haul it out through the snow to our rental car.

I would recommend this top-notch company to anyone who travels. The entire process was seamless, hassle-free, and professional. My luggage was handled with care from the time it was retrieved from my doorstep until the time it arrived at my hotel (two days before I did, by the way). Not only did I save time and money, but I also saved my back from having to haul an extra load.

Want to give Luggage Free a try? Enjoy $25 off, compliments of Global Escapes, with code 2033215. 


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