Ignite Your Passion With an Argentina Honeymoon

8 January 20

Author: Betsy Reeves

Honeymoon. The very word conjures up relaxing images of white sands, clear waters, and fruity drinks. But what if you crave something unusual for your first vacation together as a married couple? Something beyond the beaches that offers a mix of adventure, culture, and cuisine?

Argentina is gaining popularity as a honeymoon destination, thanks to its wide variety of activities, rich history, stunning architecture, and jaw-dropping landscapes.

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Flights arrive several times each day into the bustling capital city of Buenos Aires, which makes it an ideal place to begin and end your honeymoon. The European influence permeates everything from the architecture to the general way of life. Here, you can tour well preserved historic sites, experience a romantic tango performance, pamper yourself at a first-class spa, get lost in the artistic old neighborhood of La Boca, or immerse yourself in the local soccer culture. With a variety of luxury hotels available, Buenos Aires is a fantastic spot to bookend the trip, with the more scenic destinations sandwiched in between.

Convenient regular flights from Buenos Aires to other cities and towns throughout Argentina make the entire country accessible. After soaking in the vibrant culture of Buenos Aires, it’s time to escape to nature. The Andes mountains, lowlands, plains, and grasslands all make up the magical region known as Patagonia, which spans both Argentina and Chile.

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One Northern Patagonia area not to miss in is the lake district, particularly the Alpine-style town of San Carlos de Bariloche. Situated between two turquoise lakes—Moreno and Nahuel Huapi—Bariloche offers a wide variety of outdoor activities…from skiing to hiking to cruising the pristine waters. However, the Victoria Island Tour in Nahuel Huapi National Park is the crown jewel of this region. Two of the three areas are off limits to the public; however, our close relationships with the locals allow us to grant our clients access to this paradise, where they can traverse private trails and take in the scenery from some lesser known vantage points.

Photo courtesy of Escencia Weddings

The Mendoza region on the western side of Argentina has become a draw for wine-loving honeymooners. The Malbec grape reigns supreme, but several other robust varietals are grown in this area. The Andes mountains are the backdrop for a single road running through Mendoza dotted with bodegas, or wineries, each with their own charm.

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Also in the West is Salta, an area quite similar in landscape to Utah or New Mexico. This area was the southernmost outpost of the Inca Empire, whose folklore and culture live on in the small towns.

In Southern Patagonia, Los Glaciares National Park’s rugged landscapes and climate facilitate unique activities such as ice trekking, photo safaris, horseback riding, or hot air ballooning. Nearly 50 large and 200 small glaciers constitute at least half of the area.

Photo courtesy of Escencia Weddings and ©samantacontin.com

Moving to the Southern tip of Argentina—which is also the world’s Southernmost point of land—is Ushuaia, known as the Fin del Mundo or “end of the world.” While many honeymooners flock here simply to take photos at this landmark, Ushuaia offers natural beauty unlike anywhere else on the planet. Easy walking trails through the coastal national park of Tierra del Fuego run north from the dramatic Beagle Channel to the gorgeous Lapataia Bay. Penguin Island, known to locals as Isla Martillo, is a short day trip, where you can be one of the privileged few to walk with gentoo and Magellanic penguins.

In stark contrast to Ushuaia’s icy glaciers and towering mountains sits Iguazu. Here, the peaceful rainforest blends with the roaring waters of Iguazu Falls to create a mesmerizing utopia, where you can do as little or as much activity as you desire. Blood-pumping boat rides into the falls get you up close and personal to this natural wonder, while the scenic overlooks along the walking trails allow less adventurous couples to marvel from a safe distance.

Whether you choose to stay in one spot for the duration of your honeymoon, or you opt to travel among regions, an Argentina honeymoon will leave you with lifelong memories and a desire to soon return to experience even more of this magical country.

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