The Ideal Alaskan Traveler

12 July 16

He is tall, dark, and handsome. He loves wildlife. He is a go-with-the-flow, low maintenance kind of guy. He is an intellect who values preparation and time well spent.

Possibly, this sounds like the ideal man, but take away the tall, dark, and handsome part and you are describing the ideal Alaskan traveler. Unlike some destinations that attract many, Alaska is a special place that calls to a specific type of traveler. Here are the top five qualities that Alaska asks its visitors to possess:

• A wildlife enthusiast: You have seen Alaska’s wildlife captured on screen savers, but once you step inside the picture, the experience is even more awe-inspiring. From popular fly-fishing to iconic dog sledding, to once-in-a-lifetime glacier exploring, Alaska lets you get up close and personal to all kinds of wildlife.


• A free bird: With everything to do and see in Alaska, we advise our clients to stay two weeks in Alaska – ten days at the minimum. Because Alaska is more than half the size of the continental United States, there is much to see and so. Many people see a small sliver of the state, going only as far north as Denali, but the ideal Alaskan traveler has the time to enjoy Alaska’s many gifts by staying for at least two weeks.

• A history buff: Alaska is abundantly rich in history, from Eskimo history to totem pole dances, to the running of the deer. The best part about Alaska’s culture is that it is not exclusive to natives…it can be shared with anyone who is open to receiving and studying it.


• A planner: The best time to visit Alaska is from May to August due to screaming cold winters and frozen landscapes that send both its animals and its people into hibernation. With such a small window of time to experience it, planning must happen by the previous October in order to ensure availability. So, if you are a last-minute planner, you may need to reshape your thinking for this destination.

• A low-maintenance personality: Alaska is wild, and its accommodations tend to be more on the rustic side. Whether you stay on a cruise vessel or in a historic lodge, you may need to forego luxurious accommodations and instead focus on the natural beauty all around you.

We highly recommend that Alaskan travelers have these five qualities when heading to the last frontier. However, even if you have just one of these traits, why not set up a consultation with us to talk about Alaska? We bet that if one of these characteristics resonates with you, then the others are deep within you, as well — you just need to discover them!

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Ready to plan your Alaska adventure? Set up a consultation with one of our Alaska specialists today!

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