Enhance Your Cruise With a Customized Pre- or Post-Vacation Experience

26 February 16

Author: Betsy Reeves


You have booked a cruise for later this year, and you can’t wait to relax with your loved ones while enjoying new sights and cultures. While you browse your itinerary, you begin to wish you had more time at the port of embarkation. As you read further, you long for an extra day at the port of debarkation, too. You have heard about the fascinating museums, top-notch restaurants and historic sites in these cities, but you know that a few hours before the cruise ship leaves won’t be enough time to explore.

The great news is that adding a pre- or post-stay to your cruise itinerary is easy with the help of an experienced travel consultant. Here are ten reasons to enlist Global Escapes for your next pre- and post-cruise experience.

1) Immerse yourself in the world’s most beautiful cities.

Most cruises begin or end in a beautiful, historic port city. Why travel all the way to, say Europe, and miss out on London’s iconic sites or Rome’s ageless traditions? A pre- or post-cruise experience in one of the world’s historic port cities allows you a few extra days to enjoy your city of embarkation or disembarkation.

2) Reduce stress.

Researching places to stay and things to do in a foreign city can feel overwhelming. The travel consultants at Global Escapes specialize in worldwide travel and know these cities inside and out. You can rest easy knowing that your vacation planning is in the hands of experts.

3) Save time.

One hour with a Global Escapes travel consultant can save you dozens of hours in research. After talking with you to understand what you want from your pre- or post-stay, our consultants will do the research, make the phone calls, and book each piece of your trip. All you have to do is pack your bags!

4) Save money.

Booking shore excursions, hotels, air, and tours through Global Escapes often will cost less overall than it would by booking these same items through a cruise line.

5) Customize your experience.

Do and see what you want while you are on vacation, rather than going with a group on pre-planned shore excursions offered through the cruise lines.

6) Enhance your experience.

Global Escapes has the resources to line up anything you need to enjoy a true VIP experience. Private transfers, drivers, and tours can all be added to create a perfectly tailored pre/post package.

7) Enjoy unique accommodations.

Rather than spending a few days at a large corporate hotel, trust our Global Escapes consultants to seek out historic, boutique and unique hotels, bed-and-breakfasts, or castle stays that can add authenticity to your stay.

8) Emergency Assistance.

When traveling overseas, it is comforting to know that help is just a phone call away. Our 24-hour hotline is available should any emergencies arise, or even if you have questions about your itinerary.

9) Convenient travel app.

Our free travel app gives you mobile access to your travel itinerary and customized city content in your destination.

10) Decompress.

After staying up late to pack, then waking up early to begin the disembarkation process at the end of your cruise, relaxation is in order. There is no better way to decompress, post-cruise, than by enjoying a few relaxing days in one of the world’s most beautiful cities.

So when you are ready to plan that cruise, let Global Escapes’ experienced and knowledgeable travel consultants help you every step of the way, which includes creating an unforgettable pre- or post-cruise experience. For more information, request a consultation online, or contact us at 706-549-1164 or info@globalescapes.com.

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