Coffee Unites Cultures Around the World

1 August 16

Across the globe, people share similar needs, dreams, and even taste buds. In fact, one of the yummiest similarities across many cultures is coffee. Just last February, 9.21 million bags of coffee were exported, according to the International Coffee Organization. Interestingly, history and culture influence how people take their java in various countries; so, let’s take a look around the globe to see how the locals drink their daily grind.

• Italy

Italians are known for inventing the espresso to solve efficiency problems. Here in the United States, we order a coffee to-go in a paper cup with a lid. In Italy, however, if you are running late, you simply throw back a shot of espresso for a jolt of energy, and then you are off and ready to tackle the day. Yet, Italians drink more than just espresso…they also enjoy a nice cappuccino latte in the morning, which they believe is the only appropriate time to sip on such a delicious cup.

• Turkey

The Turks have been consuming coffee for such a long time now that it has almost become a dessert in their culture. It is typically served after dinner, steaming hot and accompanied with a chewy Turkish candy. However, don’t wash the mugs too soon, because some believe that the leftover coffee grounds reveal your fortune in a method known as tasseography. If you flip your coffee cup over onto its saucer and allow the residual coffee grounds to fall out, a Turkish coffee fortune teller can look at the patterns and interpret their impressions. So, whether a cup of coffee is an after-dinner treat or a vessel for your fortune, the Turks hope it is “as black as hell, as strong as death, and as sweet as love,” as their famous proverb states.

• Ireland

Leave it to the Irish to join pub life with a morning beverage to bring Irish Coffee to the world. Consisting of hot coffee, whiskey, sugar, and whipped cream, this drink was invented in the 1940s as a drink for American tourists laying over on connecting flights to Europe, as well as servicemen stopping on the west coast of Ireland as they fueled their boats that patrolled the waters for German submarines. Evolving into a cocktail served at bars worldwide, this unique beverage is worth trying!

• France

In France, love is in the air….along with the aroma of coffee! The French tend to begin their day with a café au lait – coffee with hot milk. Usually served in a wide-mouthed mug, the French make it easy to dunk baguettes and croissants.

•  Ethiopia


Buna, also known as Ethiopian coffee, is more than just a quick over-the-counter order. Ethiopians regard making coffee as a spiritual practice, which is evident in the coffee ceremony that takes place when making and serving the steamy brew. As you might guess, this process takes several hours for the host to toast, grind, and boil while often adding unique spices such as cinnamon, cloves, or honey. However, the finished product is well worth the wait, as you sip the fine cup served with salt or butter on the side, as compared to cream and sugar.

Like coffee, traveling is a hot commodity. Whether you are a coffee connoisseur, or just a barely functioning human before your first cup in the morning, we want to help you taste the coffees of the world. So set up a consultation online, and let us help you find your perfect cup of Joe!

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