Club Med

31 July 14

Author: Beth Barnett

Ever wish you could go back to summer camp? As each school year draws to a close and the hazy days of summer cast their spell, I’m always drawn into reminiscence of my days as a camp counselor. Some of the best summers of my life where spent at camp, and many of my most treasured memories were formed in those carefree days. But did you know… can revisit those blissful times, even as an adult?


This summer, I had the opportunity to visit Club Med Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic for the first time. If you are looking for the ultimate family experience, full of fun and activities, look no further. As I settled in at the resort and began to find my way around, a feeling of familiarity persisted. Finally, I realized – this is just like summer camp, only better! The resort is abuzz with families enjoying time together participating in the many activities offered on site, and a rare form or childlike enthusiasm is almost contagious.

My first glimpse of the clear, blue, calm water of Club Med’s beach was love at first sight. One of the loveliest stretches of sand I have ever seen, it extends the length of the resort and calls to those who yearn for relaxation. As I am one such person, I soon found myself reclining in a beach chair, mesmerized by the waves rolling in. However, my interest was soon piqued as I observed the many activities taking place around me, opportunities that I could be joining in! Letting my curiosity break through the beach-induced haze, I set off to check out the options.


There are almost endless activities to participate in! Pilates by the beach, learning how to sail, trapeze class, snorkeling, kayaking, Latin dance class…and the list goes on. The children’s activities were even better! I watched children chasing pirates through the resort while looking for treasure, games in the pool, playgrounds, volleyball tournaments, and many, many more. Activities are divided by age groups for the kids, enabling everyone to participate and enjoy at his or her own skill level.
As an added bonus, Club Med Punta Cana draws a widely diverse array of guests. Club Med is a French-owned company, and many of the guests are also of European nationality – French, German, Russian, and Spanish all flowed happily around me. The staff is from all over the world as well, making communication easy and problem-free. What better environment to get to know and appreciate other cultures? At times I felt like I was in a tropical French Riviera!


Another benefit of being a French-owned property is the food, which is great! Each morning began with a crepe (or their famous white chocolate bread) and café ole at a peaceful table overlooking the ocean while I contemplated how ambitious I felt that day and all that could be accomplished (or not). There are several restaurants to choose from, two of which are on the water. All are family-friendly, including the main bar and beach bar, which serve fruity drinks to kids as well as adult beverages.
If your goals for your next vacation include reconnecting with your family and trying new activities, with the option of some down time on a stunning beach, Club Med Punta Cana might be the place for you. The experience here is not that of the standard all-inclusive resort, and is well worth the visit. How many of your friends have learned to fly through the air on a trapeze while on vacation? Now those are bragging rights!

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