Australia Delivers Authenticity

1 May 19

Australia. What makes it worth the 15-hour flight? How about walking along a pristine, deserted beach; holding a soft and surprisingly heavy koala bear as he burrows into the curve of your neck; star-gazing under a wide-open sky untouched by light pollution; or sipping buttery full-flavored wine with the one you love? These are just a few of the myriad reasons Australia calls to so many and welcomes each visitor with open arms. Here are our top 10 reasons to move Australia to the top of your bucket list.

Australia is truly a natural wonderland. From the magical sandstone Uluru (Ayers Rock), which changes colors hourly, to the Great Barrier Reef, Australia’s scenery is nothing short of spectacular.

Ever hear of a quokka? How about an echidna? These unusual animals–and more–are only found in Australia. Roughly 80% of Australia’s wildlife are endemic to the continent, making it a naturalist’s paradise.

Australia’s 65,000-year history has fostered some of the most extraordinary art in the world. Hire a local guide to teach you not only what the art represents, but also the deep cultural meaning behind each piece.

Whether you are swimming with whale sharks or snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef, the one-of-a-kind activities you can enjoy in Australia are certain to foster lifelong memories.

Australia’s food is not only expertly prepared, but the array of choices allows for creative cuisine. Barramundi, lamb, and even kangaroo are tasty local favorites. If you are a wine lover, your choices are endless, as more than 100 varieties are planted here. Well-known regions include the Yarra, Hunter, and Barossa Valleys, as well as Coonawarra and the Margaret River.

Two luxury train lines allow you to experience the vastness of the country while relaxing in comfort. The Ghan runs through the “Red Centre” from Adelaide to Darwin, while the Indian Pacific runs from Sydney to Perth.

If your idea of vacation is to be constantly on the go, Australia is the perfect destination. Climb remarkable rocks, snorkel the world’s most gorgeous reefs, and hike unusual territory throughout the land.

Australia’s luxury lodges are each a destination unto themselves, so be sure to schedule some extra days to simply enjoy your accommodations. As Australia is so large, it’s tempting to jet from location to location in order to see it all. Instead, enjoy a richer experience in fewer places by soaking in each resort’s unique offerings.

It’s no secret that Australia is expensive, but the value for your money has never been better. If ever there were a time to travel Down Under, this is it.

Words such as friendly, down-to-earth, and welcoming don’t even begin to describe Australia’s residents. You will not only return home with amazing memories, but also a phone bursting with contact information and photos of your new Australian mates.

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