Alaska is the Place for Rare Wildlife

12 July 16

For wildlife enthusiasts, there is no better place to visit than the Alaskan wilderness. Where else can you experience hundreds of endangered and rare species in their natural habitats? Here are just a few of the wild animals you might encounter while visiting Alaska.

Whale, hello there!
During spring and summer, whales begin migrating to warmer waters for breeding. On their way they pass through Alaska, making it the perfect place to experience the finest whale watching. Whale tours are worth the added cost, because the smaller vessels enable a closer look at the mammals. You might also spot sea otters, seals, porpoises, and puffins, all while learning along the way.

Easily aMOOSEd?
It may sound surprising, but there are no guided moose tours in Alaska, the reason being that moose are ubiquitous in Alaska, even in larger cities such as Anchorage. You may spot them jogging through soccer fields, wandering in and out of neighborhoods, or stopping everyday traffic. In every case, it is rather aMOOSEing!

Lions and tigers and BEARS, oh my!
With more than 50,000 black bears and 35,000 brown bears in Alaska’s wilderness, there are many to scope out when you visit. However, that is just the thing…you must go looking. Unlike moose, which are everywhere, you probably will not stumble upon bears. Although bear watching tours can be expensive, they are worth it, especially if you can get a glimpse of bears playing, sunbathing, or teaching their young how to catch fish.

Don’t shoot…it’s ill-EAGLE!
With about 40,000 eagles in Alaska, which is more than half of North America’s population, you have a high likelihood of seeing bald eagles when visiting this state. Because bald eagles nest in the same spot year-to-year, guides know where to take you to see these the national beauties based off of their annual nesting patterns. However, a guide is not absolutely necessary, because many locals know the eagle-gathering spots in town…you just have to ask!

Thank EWE for visiting!
Dall sheep, known for their white and slate brown coloring and curved yellowish/brownish horns, are a species of sheep found in northwestern North America. These animals love to hang out on rocky mountain cliffs, for protection from predators, yet they do venture down to the roads to lick the salt. Although dall sheep can be hard to spot, you can sometimes see them teaching their new babies how to navigate the rocky cliffs in the spring.

This short list includes just a small portion of the copious amount of wildlife that you can experience in Alaska. We at Global Escapes understand that just like in Alaska, life can be wild, so if you want to check out The Last Frontier but don’t have time to think about planning an Alaskan getaway, let us help. Set up a consultation online, because the wild is calling!

For more on Alaska, be sure to read our post about the ideal Alaskan traveler, as well as our blog about the area’s natural wonders.

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