Adiós Niños-Los Cabos

20 May 13

Author: Beth Barnett

Not too long ago I found myself in the not too awful predicament of having a few “adult” days with my husband while the kids went to visit their grandparents.  We didn’t know where we wanted to go but we knew it needed to be near a warm beach, have some adventure and somewhere nice to decompress.


Our answer- Los Cabos, Mexico.  It was close enough for a short get away, yet far enough away to appease our sense of adventure.  We were a little concerned that this area was going to be a nonstop adult spring break destination while all we wanted to do was relax and carry on an uninterrupted conversation.  Oh, don’t get me wrong- you can still hang upside down at the Giggling Marlin and take tequila shots but there is so much more to Los Cabos than the nonstop party of the nightlife area of Cabo San Lucas.  After a quick flight from Atlanta, we landed squeezed between the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean and found this part of Mexico not at all what we had expected.

We made the easy drive from the airport and arrived at our hotel to a beautiful ocean breeze blowing and a pomegranate margarita immediately placed in our hands.  This, I promise you was not the last pomegranate margarita that was drank during our trip.


Our adventures began each morning with an al fresco breakfast while live Spanish guitar played in the background. After all, you can’t have adventures on an empty stomach!  We would soon find ourselves sea kayaking to the Arc, walking a fine line between Lovers Beach and Divorce Beach, and snorkeling among tropical fish and sea animals. I couldn’t leave without giving the local surfing a shot.  Unfortunately, there was a far off hurricane that didn’t bring any bad weather but brought in some stellar waves, at least our surf guide thought so.  After being pummeled a couple of times I decided I was more of a “sit on the beach kind of girl” and happily watched as my husband and our local guide enjoyed the larger than normal surf. Next time, our adventures will include an ATV tour, a sunset sailboat cruise and paddle boarding. So much to do, so little time!


               Of course, adventure comes in many forms.  While wandering we found a glass blowing shop in the middle of nowhere. Hand blown margarita pitcher and glasses, yes please! We visited quaint shops that line the cobblestone streets of San Jose del Cabo, a beautiful little colonial town.  We also shopped the bustling town of Cabo San Lucas where there are many shops, restaurants and bars lining the streets. Speaking of restaurants, the local cuisine is amazing!  That is adventure for us! We ate at lots of  quaint, full of character restaurants.  Some under avocado trees, some with our toes in the sand.  Perfection!

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