5 Signs That Your Next Vacation Should be a River Cruise

30 January 17

River cruising has skyrocketed in popularity, and not just among baby boomers. From young honeymoon couples to families, travelers are discovering that river cruising is a relaxing, economical and fun way to see the world. Here are five signs that a river cruise may be perfect for you.

1. You’re a Travel Enthusiast

Whether you’re traveling alone or with your loved ones, you are the type of person who feels like they always need to travel somewhere new. While our travel consultants know the top river cruises around the world, they will make sure to find the ideal river cruise for your travel enthusiast needs. Depending on whether you’re looking for an experience focused on food, nature, exotic cultures, romance, historic sites, or all of the above, there’s a river cruise that is perfect for you. These journeys through countries allow you to fully engage in the culture and experiences around you.

2. You’re a Culinary Connoisseur

Well, “connoisseur” may be a bit of an exaggeration, but your love of food is not. Whether you are an expert dessert critic or you simply enjoy a glass of fine wine, river cruises offer a culinary experience that you simply can’t find anywhere else. Wine cruises are common throughout Europe, and a river cruise through France will let you finally taste the famous wines in Bordeaux. But don’t worry, there’s plenty of food along the way, too. When cruising down the Mekong, for example, you will travel through several countries and taste unique dishes at each stop. Cuisine throughout Asia differs greatly not only by country, but also by regions within each country, so you’ll sample a wide variety of food no matter where you port.

3. Service is A Priority

Although quality differs among companies, most river cruise vessels are known for their five-star level of service. Within hours, the entire staff knows your name, and they somehow remember not only your favorite cocktail but also which veggies you prefer in your omelet. Mini bars customized to your preferences, 24-hour room service, personal butlers, and strict attention to detail are favorite features on these unique voyages.

4. You Appreciate Value 

Compared to traveling by train, plane, bus, or car to get from city to city, a river cruise prevents you from spending too much on transportation between cities. Our travel consultants know the best river cruises that will fit within your budget, which ultimately saves you from the hassle of booking pricey train ticket after pricey train ticket to travel across multiple destinations. On a river cruise, you no longer have to worry about paying extra to catch the next bus and sit uncomfortably for hours on end. Instead you get to meander peacefully and conveniently along the river to your next adventure.

5. You Want to Experience It All, and at Your Own Pace

Rather than flying out to one single city for the entire week, a river cruise allows you to experience multiple cities in the same amount of time. River cruises are geared toward independent travelers who want to take their time exploring new destinations without being herded around. While there are excursions and set tours available on certain river cruise lines, you are free to roam on your own and explore each destination.

Choosing the perfect river cruise should be as enjoyable as the river cruise itself, and our consultants would love to help you select the river cruise adventure of your dreams. Request a consultation today or give us a call at 706-549-1164 for more information.

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