5 Reasons to Book a Cruise with a Travel Consultant

8 February 16

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So the groundhog didn’t see his shadow, and the weatherman has forecast an early Spring. But as the latest arctic blast blows in, sunny weather seems like a distant dream. You find yourself thinking of warm sand, cold drinks, and calm waters. You glance at your calendar and see that Spring Break is coming up, so you begin to dream a little. Before you know it, you have jumped online and begun searching for “cheap cruise deals.” Hundreds of thousands of options pop up, and you begin to panic. “Do I want to cruise to the Bahamas or the Caribbean? Do I want a balcony or an ocean view? Do I want a river cruise or a luxury cruise?” Overwhelmed, you turn off your computer and try to go to sleep. “There are just too many options out there. Maybe I can get it together next year,” you sigh.

Travel consultants to the rescue! If you have ever wondered why you should use a travel consultant, the above scenario is just one good reason. Travelers, vacationers, or anyone looking for a getaway often question the purpose of a travel consultant. With so much information available at your fingertips, it’s easy to get sucked into booking a big-name cruise line that seems to have everything you want. But does it? Are you missing out on something? What is the difference between all of the options you are seeing? What is included in the price? And what about excursions–which ones are the best?

Rather than wasting time and money on a possibly disappointing vacation, enlisting the help of a travel consultant will ensure that you have the best cruise experience possible.

Travel Consultants Have Experience

Because of their extensive knowledge of cruises and years of experience working with a variety of cruise companies, travel consultants discuss only the top options with you, and then they take care of the rest.

They Save You Time and Reduce Your Stress

The point of a cruise is to treat yourself and your loved ones to a worry-free vacation, so why stress beforehand? The process of booking a cruise typically goes along the lines of: choosing a destination everyone is happy with; picking a cruise line; setting the itinerary and departure dates; selecting the best room based on price, layout, or location; deciding on dining options or times; and then booking added excursions. Instead of spending your time doing this research and carrying the burden of these important decisions for your travel companions, you can turn to a cruise specialist, who will save you time and eliminate your stress. They already know the best cruise lines, are familiar with the destinations that make the most sense for your desired experience, and will ensure that expenses stay within your budget.

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They Are Consultants, Not Agents

As the word implies, a consultant takes time to work with you to understand your needs, while an agent works for someone else, such as a cruise line. The terms “travel agent” and “travel consultant” are often confused or even used interchangeably these days; however, the bottom line is that a consultant works for you, not the cruise companies. A travel consultant focuses on your preferences, priorities, travel history, and your hopes and dreams when it comes to travel. Every single vacation is tailored just for you and your companions.

Travel Consultants Have Access to the Best Prices and Benefits

Travel consultants work closely with their cruise line partners to ensure you are receiving the best promotions available. They can access your cruise reservation and stay on top of promotions, upgrades, or onboard credits. Due to consistently working with top luxury cruise lines, they have access to deals not typically advertised. The “great deal” you have found may be because of where your cabin is located or because you would be traveling in the height of hurricane season. Not only do travel consultants guarantee you are getting the most bang for your buck, but they also check for hidden expenses or tricks that could ruin a relaxing cruise.

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They Take Care of Little Details

Regardless of how much planning goes into a cruise, working with a travel consultant allows your vacation to run as smoothly as possible. With everything booked and ready to go, it is easy to forget simple things like luggage tags and documentation preparation, or to stress over packing and navigating the airports or cruise ports. Travel consultants are there to help with all of it so that little details don’t bog you down and zap the fun out of your vacation before it even starts.

Find a trusted travel consultant who focuses on cruising, and your worry-free vacation will be just one consultation away!

To request a consultation with a Global Escapes cruise specialist, submit your request.

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