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14 February 16

Giraffes at sunset on Naval Hill

This Valentine’s Day, snuggle up with your loved one and dream a little bit. Where would you love to go for your next romantic getaway? Hear from Sherwin Banda, President of African Travel, Inc., as he talks about his passion for this romantic desination….

By Sherwin Banda

It is easy to fall in love with Africa, and even easier to rekindle an existing romance on a euphoric African getaway. This majestic continent is the perfect destination for lovers, an oasis designed for rejuvenating the soul and reconnecting with nature, yourself and your loved ones. Born and raised in South Africa, my favorite Valentine’s Day activity is still a retreat to the Cape Winelands, sampling a variety of world-class wines while savoring the picturesque surroundings. To complete this ultimate escape, I love taking an evening cruise on the Atlantic Ocean to witness the awe and splendor of a Cape Town sunset. One thing I know for sure: You can leave Africa, but Africa will never leave you. Embark on an unforgettable romantic journey – anywhere in Africa will do – and you will leave a piece of your heart, but take home a lifetime of memories.

AT Sunset 2Cape-Winelands_fraschhoek1-150x150 3Table-bay-cruise

Whale Watching

Penguins, dolphins, great whites and more: South Africa has it all when it comes to marine-based creatures, and I’ve had many opportunities to witness them. But when it comes to the largest marine mammals, South Africa deserves a special distinction, holding the title for the world’s best land-based whale watching destination. Every year these gentle giants migrate from their chilly arctic feeding grounds to South Africa’s coastal paradise, perfect for mating, calving, and raising their young. Whale watchers enjoy spectacular displays of breaching, blowing, lobtailing and spy hopping – inspiring acrobatic feats that remind us how small we truly are. Peak calving season for the southern right whale is from July to August, but stragglers can be seen through September and October. The humpback whale is often spotted from May to December and Bryde’s whales and orca whales can be seen year-round.

4whale-breeching-de-FOT-150x150 5African_penguins-150x150 6dolphins-IS-150x150

African Sleepouts Under the Stars

Stargazers rejoice! It doesn’t get much more romantic than cuddling in the moonlight, whispering sweet nothings while wishing on shooting stars. African travelers enjoy a bevy of luxurious “star beds”, located on private roof terraces under an infinite blanket of stars. Far from the populated metropolitan cities, the African bush is free from extensive light pollution and boasts the most dazzling night skies without sacrificing material comforts.

7Sleepouts-150x150 8EXPANDIBLE_Tinyeleti_Main-s-150x150 9EXPANDIBLE_Chalkley_night-s-1-150x150

Additional Stargazing Opportunities

The beauty of the African sky simply cannot be overstated and there are many opportunities to highlight its majesty. Before snuggling in the star beds, couples can enjoy open-air dining under the clear and endless skies, take a guided night tour, listen to astronomy lectures or operate research-grade telescopes. The options are as limitless as the galaxies sparkling above!

10 11Dinner-on-the-Serengeti-Plains-150x150 12BK_StarGazing_002_S-150x150

Witness the World’s Most Romantic Animals
These animals don’t need a holiday to celebrate their love. We’ve all heard the saying “You’re my penguin,” but did you know that there are many species in the animal kingdom that mate for life? Not only are they monogamous, but these animals frequently engage in romantic rituals that could put Romeo to shame.
•Penguins are known for a variety of mating dances and rituals. Male Gentoo penguins spend days surveying the beach to find the smoothest pebble possible before presenting his “rock” to his (hopeful) lover.
•Sea horses wrap their tails together to keep them from drifting apart. Each morning, they dance together for several minutes, asserting their bond and coordinating their reproductive cycles.
•Sea otters sleep, eat and rest together. Like sea horses, they keep close by holding hands while they’re sleeping.
•Black vultures are fierce lovers and have been known to attack other vultures who try to attract their mates.
•Elephants in love are a special breed. These gentle giants are empathetic lovers, holding trunks and caressing one another in times of joy and duress.
•Albatross take several years to select a mate, and from that point on they return to the same spot year after year to mate with the same partner.

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*All images published with the permission of African Travel, Inc.


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